Small Business Consulting
Our Team - Marketing Research and Strategy Consultants

We are a team of experienced and educated business professionals and entrepreneurs who know what it takes to build and grow businesses. The diverse professional experience of our team is put in the service of your business’ success. We bring a wide variety of advanced skills to your organization, which can contribute to increased revenues, reduced costs, and minimized risks. Our consultants give you the knowledge your business needs to help you compete in a competitive marketplace.

Founded by Richard Matthews, SBC Inc. is a privately held business and marketing specialist firm. Our core competencies include business research and analysis and marketing strategy planning.

Richard Matthews, President / Senior Consultant

Richard Matthews' experience was developed as a corporate manager in marketing and sales on behalf of the finance, banking, telecommunications and insurance industries. During this time, he was employed as a project manager and subsequently as a marketing director. He has developed and implemented numerous product and sales trainings, he has also developed quality control programs and overseen ISO certification. He has conceived and operated several businesses including a technology start-up and a human resources management company.

He has a proven track record of measurable results developing strategic plans, sales strategies and marketing support. The experience of working with multinational corporations as well as conceiving, researching and developing several small businesses has made Richard acutely aware of the unique challenged faced by business owners.

For the last eight years, Richard Matthews has been helping the small business community through his work as a consultant. His core skills are in strategic positioning, marketing and sales. His unique experience in management and as an entrepreneur afford specialized expertise that has proven ideally suited to the needs of small business.

Melissa Matalanis, Senior Research Specialist / Consultant

Having been an integral part of a prosperous family business, Melissa Matalanis has been involved in business for most of her life and it is this upbringing that led her to earn her MBA in 2007. Over the last few years, she has been helping small business owners in her capacity as a consultant and information specialist. Her core strengths include financial modeling, research and analysis, and competitor tracking.

In addition to their business accreditation and experience, both Richard Matthews and Melissa Matalanis hold degrees in psychology, which remains an ongoing interest that translates well to their professional experience and affords them a window into the consumer's mind. Their keen insights into the dynamics of effective marketing provide a valuable perspective for business people in need of a marketing strategy.

Advisory Team

Behind the consultants is a network of successful business people. These associates are veterans of the business world and they have been selected for their real world experience and understanding of the business/entrepreneurial environment of our client base.

Technical Writers

Through a combination of thrift, simplicity, and good grammar, our professional technical writers know how to communicate complex information to a targeted audience. Their critical skills as wordsmiths render complicated business concepts into simple and engaging prose.