Small Business Consulting
Reports - Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Consulting Reports
  • Marketing Plans 

    • Includes Market Research and Analysis, accompanied by a Marketing Strategy and detailed plan of action designed to implement that strategy.
      • Firm Profile and Evaluation
      • Firm Goal & Objectives
      • Industry Research & Analysis
      • Market Research & Analysis
      • Marketing Strategy
      • Plan of Action
      • Timetables
      • Financial Pro-Formas
  • Business Plans

    • The most comprehensive documentation to secure financing or successfully start your own business, it includes:
      • Human Resource Plan
      • Product/Service Plan
      • Marketing Plan
      • Timetables
  • Consulting Reports - Marketing Strategy

    • In addition to a marketing strategy analysis, SBC will provide you with a written report of marketing strategy recommendations and implementation procedures to help you achieve your specified goals and objectives.