Small Business Consulting
Research - Market, Industry, Consumer, Demographic, Competitor

SBC's focus on small business means that we seek and gather information that is relevant to you and your company. Our information specialists and skilled research team have access to the most comprehensive business databases and the information we provide is always accurate and useful.

  • Market Research

    • Information pertaining to the potential customer base for your product or service, including:
      • Market Size and Overview
      • Market Forces
      • Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Habits
  • Industry Research

    • Information relevant to your particular industry sector, which includes:
      • Performance
      • Industry Drivers
      • Competitors
  • Consumer Behavior Research

    • Information about how, what, when and why consumers purchase your product or service
      • Buying Patterns
      • Decision Making
      • Purchasing Habits
      • Demographic Profiles
      • Influencing Factors
  • Demographic Research

    • Data on the particular characteristics of your customers or selected target market:
      • Age
      • Sex
      • Income
      • Education
      • Ethnicity
      • Location
      • Lifestyle
  • Competitor Research

    • A complete description and breakdown of your current and/or potential competitors:
      • Product/Service Descriptions
      • Customer Descriptions
      • Pricing
      • Comparative Analysis